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Ontario First Nation Policing Agreement Holders

In Ontario, First Nations policing is provided under the Ontario First Nations Policing Agreement, in line with the federal government’s First Nations Policing Policy. The following is included under this agreement:

Contracted Services

There are 20 First Nations communities that are served directly by either the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) or a municipal police service.

OPP Administered

There are 19 First Nations communities that are served by First Nations police officers who are hired by the community and administered by the OPP.

The OPP currently administers police services for First Nation communities. The OPP endeavours to hire First Nation officers and works very closely with the First Nation communities to ensure that the level of service and First Nation commitment is perceived to be high.

Self–Administered (SA) First Nation Police Services

There are 95 communities currently operating Self Administered forces – 4 Regional self administered forces and 5 single “reserve” forces. The Self Administered Police Forces are those Agreement holders that are responsible for their own police services.

These communities are served by 5 Regional Police Services Agreements and 4 Single “Reserve” police forces.

How Our Services Can Help

There are currently 20 First Nations in Ontario that use the local municipal police service or the OPP to serve their communities. There is no directive or initiative in place within these communities to have First Nation constables.

Many of the communities under contracted services are at the early stages of converting their forces to Self Administered or OPP Administered forces.

For this reason, politicians that are continually questioning the level of service they receive, and whether these services meet the special needs of the Native community, will require the services of Dave Whitlow and Associates.

There is a need for a Native consultant to work with communities to ensure that communication between the responsible police force and community is effective. There is also a need in assessing the level of “value” received by the community on the contracted service/s.

These communities often require an outside expert, with specific expertise in First Nation culture, attitudes and beliefs to undertake the following work:

• Audits of the service levels, response times, handling of sensitive situations, etc. on a regular basis. This is required to meet the information needs of political leadership and is also a key element to making a case for a community to move to a Self Administered operation.

• To act as a trusted and educated ear. Communities may not know what questions to ask and may also not clearly understand whether the responses are acceptable or not.

At Dave Whitlow & Associates, we offer police services that are professional, effective, culturally appropriate, and accountable to the communities we serve.

Contact Dave Whitlow & Associates today to find out how we can apply our experience and commitment to First Nation culture, traditions and values to develop custom, strategic solutions to policing and justice issues across the country

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How We Can Help

Let us use our 20 years of policing expertise to help your community with:

• First Nation Police Governance Issues

• Development or Maintenance of Boards or Commissions

• First Nation By-Law Development

• First Nations Alternatives to Justice

• First Nation Police Services

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Understanding Your Needs

Dave Whitlow & Associates understands the needs of the First Nation policing and justice sector.

We understand what it takes to build a solid policing foundation in a community.

We will take your needs and ensure you build a community policing system that prioritizes public safety and acts as the cornerstone of your healthy community.

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